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May event recap: Our learnings and solutions for insurance, CRAs, lenders, and credit unions

Over the last couple of weeks, we connected with professionals across industries looking for consumer data and verification solutions at Digital Dealer, MeridianLink LIVE! User Forum, Auto Finance East, and TazWorks LIVE! User Forum. 

We talked one-on-one with insurers, dealers, lenders, CRAs, and more to understand their grievances and what solutions they’re looking for. Here's what we learned:


Digital Dealer and Auto Finance Summit East

Insurance verification (and data collection and re-verification) is a notoriously manual process, which often involves constant phone calls and emails and trading paperwork between clients, insurers, and other parties. 

Dealers and their partners are looking for a better solution and were excited by the potential of MeasureOne’s insurance coverage details and insurance verification solutions. For insurers, dealers, lenders, and more, our wealth of insurance data products can streamline the manual and time-consuming efforts of insurance verification and data collection.


TazWorks Live! User Forum

Continued price increases for employment verifications continue to plague the industry. The good news? MeasureOne combines low costs and high coverage for education and employment verification. 

We also fielded questions and concerns about applicant comfort level and conversion rates before adopting a consumer-permissioned data solution like MeasureOne. Read up on our survey results showing a clear confidence in and appreciation for the way MeasureOne handles data sharing; plus, MeasureOne has the best conversion in the industry, in large part due to our superior coverage and proprietary fall back document processing solution.


MeridianLink Live! User Forum

“Preventing fraud and, more generally, risk management, is more important than ever for lenders and credit unions in today’s economic environment.”  

Yaron Oren, MeasureOne’s Chief Revenue Officer 

As lenders and credit unions move into a more technologically advanced world, combating fraudulent applications is more important, and more difficult, than ever. MeasureOne’s automated VOIE solution uses APIs to pull the requested income and/or employment data directly from a borrower’s payroll account using consumer-permissioned data, and provides it instantly to the lender or credit union.

When lenders rely on MeasureOne’s solutions versus other means of collecting and verifying borrower information, they receive fraud-proof income and employment verification.


🚀 Feature highlight: Insurance re-verification 

Did you know we offer re-verification of insurance coverage?  Since we know that insurance policies expire or change on a regular basis, MeasureOne offers re-verification of insurance coverage as a part of our solutions for you. 

Re-verification is great for:

  • Auto lenders and financers who need to verify auto insurance on a regular basis on subprime auto loans. 
  • Mortgage lenders who need to verify homeowners insurance on a monthly or quarterly basis to manage borrower risk . 
  • Employers who hire gig-workers and need to regularly verify their employees auto insurance coverage

Want to learn more about recurring insurance data requests for re-verification?

Watch the webinar: How CPD gives credit unions a competitive advantage

Did you miss our most recent live webinar? We’ve got you covered. 

Sit in on a Q&A between industry leaders from MeasureOne and Atlanta Postal Credit Union, where you’ll learn more about consumer-permissioned data and its benefits for credit unions. 


New! Product pages, customer stories and more website upgrades 

We’ve made some major updates to our website over the last couple of weeks that will enhance your browsing experience and provide you with even more valuable information. We revamped all of our product pages, including for income, employment, insurance data, to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips, and launched customer stories, where you can explore firsthand experiences and testimonials from satisfied customers. 

All of this plus, check out our updated top navigation, meticulously designed to make it easier than ever for you to find the information you need. With a more intuitive layout and clear categories, you can quickly navigate through our site and access the content that matters most to you. 

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