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What MeasureOne Does

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Academic Data

Connect academic data to your business

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Convert academic achievements into insights

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The Value of Consumer-Permissioned Academic Data

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Academic data is increasingly integral to large sectors of the economy including employment, retail marketing programs, financial underwriting and higher education. Unfortunately, businesses reliant on academic data are limited to an inefficient collection of data brokers, aggregators and public and semi-public pools of data. These represent only a fraction of the available data, while the owners of this data -- the consumers -- have little or no control over how their personal data is being accessed and used.

MeasureOne's platform delivers the solution.

Our platform introduces a modern consumer-permissioned sharing model to academic data that facilitates a transparent data-sharing transaction between the consumer and the requesting business.

A win for both sides… With MeasureOne, businesses have access to previously inaccessible academic data fueling opportunities for products and services, while consumers have full control over how, when, and with whom their data is shared.

The MeasureOne Platform:

One Platform for Unlocking Academic Data

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Better Transparency

Alleviate privacy issues with consumer-permissioned data

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Better Data

Access unlimited data directly from the source, instead of a 3rd-party repository

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Better Insights

Develop consumer insights to drive new products and services

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“Academic data is a game changer for predicting young borrowers, especially where credit bureau data are thin - like the FICO® Score was a game changer for credit bureau data 30 years ago.”
Larry Rosenberger, Investor
Larry Rosenberger, Investor Investor, Research Fellow and Former CEO at FICO