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Simplifying Integration of Academic Data with a Developer-Friendly API

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Why Academic Data?

Unlocking the Value of the Emerging Consumer: a $100B Opportunity

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College students and recent graduates represent nearly one-fourth of the U.S. population – and a massive opportunity as an emerging consumer base. But they’re just starting to develop a financial footprint, limiting their ability to fully participate in the economy.

Students have, however, generated invaluable credentials: academic transcripts. Transformed into behavioral signals, these academic achievements can predict future performance, financial and otherwise. What’s been missing is a way for businesses to leverage academic data to expand products and services for this audience.

Until now. MeasureOne has created the world’s first platform to enable developers to seamlessly integrate academic data into their applications – unlocking opportunities for innovation, and the next generation of consumers.

The MeasureOne Platform:

One API for Academic Data


We Standardize Data

Turning transcripts into useful, standardized information that unlocks the value of emerging consumers


We Fuel Insights

Using advanced analytics to derive insights and behavioral predictions that inform business decisions


We Simplify Integration

Making academic data accessible to customer applications through developer-friendly APIs

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“Academic data is a game changer for predicting young borrowers, especially where credit bureau data are thin - like the FICO® Score was a game changer for credit bureau data 30 years ago.”
Larry Rosenberger, Investor
Larry Rosenberger, Investor Investor, Research Fellow and Former CEO at FICO