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MeasureOne was formed by a team of developers passionate about opening opportunities for emerging consumers who are entering the economy.

The vast majority of this high-potential audience have an educational record that is under-valued by the marketplace. So we set out on a quest: could we use academic data to expand opportunities on their behalf?

We built relationships with more than 7,000 transcript providers, got to know their curricula and the myriad formats of their transcripts. We developed a process to extract and transform academic information. Then we created mechanisms to normalize the diverse forms and formats, classes and credits, semesters and grades, into a standardized, analyzable data set – one that could signal these students' future financial, and other performance-based, behaviors.

Then we packaged it into a developer-friendly API that makes it simple for businesses of every type to use academic data in their applications and decisions, fueling insights, products, and services that open new opportunities.

We built MeasureOne to unlock the power of academic data. For the first time, emerging consumers can transform their academic achievements into economic currency.


MeasureOne Platform:

Unlock the Power of Academic Data

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Transforming Transcripts into Data You Can Use

Academic data is plagued by idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies that have limited its usefulness. Different document and presentation formats – pdfs, HTML, scanned images, and more – have made it a challenge to operationalize.

But that's just the beginning. Beyond formats, there is remarkably little standardization across academic institutions. From credit systems, to grading systems, to term structure, the lack of consistency makes building innovative products and services with this valuable data set all but impossible.

Leadership Team


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Led by our founder, Dan Feshbach, our investor group is comprised of fintech and edtech industry leaders, instrumental in helping MeasureOne unlock the power of academic data.

Dan Feshbach, Founder

Larry Rosenberger, Research Fellow and Former CEO at FICO

Socratic Ventures L.P.

Senvest Capital, Inc.

Colchis Capital Management, L.P.



MeasureOne is pioneering the use of academic data, transforming how businesses develop new products and services for young adults. We are always looking for great people who share our vision and are passionate about building an early stage company. We are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Dallas and Ahmedabad, India. If interested, contact us at

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