Rental Car Companies

Mitigate your risk and enhance the customer car rental experience with instant verification of insurance coverage 

Verify every customer currently has active auto insurance that follows your reservation requirements

Capture all details of customer coverage, including limits and other relevant information

Protect your assets and lower your risk by ensuring that every customer has adequate insurance coverage in place


Instant Insurance Data Collection for Rental Car Companies

Your One-stop-shop for auto insurance data


A powerful platform

Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online accounts for any verification needs.


Single, easy applicant experience

Verify customer auto insurance coverage with one consistent UX


Full Automation

A fully automated verification experience means faster processing and fewer errors when when verifying insurance coverage for your customers


Superior market coverage

95% of all major auto insurance carriers, 100% support for all major insurance providers, and more than 3.2 million documents processed


Consumer privacy guarantee

All data consumer approved


Document Processing

Proprietary, automated, and deterministic document processing enhanced with AI for 100% accuracy, so customers can upload their insurance policies with ease

Rental Car Company Use Cases

We power any insurance verification you need to protect your assets, lower your risk and enhance the rental car customer experience

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Auto Insurance Verification for Rental Car Customers

MeasureOne provides a simple process for rental car customers to share their insurance  coverage details, including limits and more. While using consumer-permissioned data, MeasureOne can streamline your current insurance verification processes. Instead of users having to manually provide proof of auto insurance, now they can log directly into their online insurance account to give you access to their auto insurance data.

This new method of providing auto insurance verification is a faster, safer & easier way to ensure customers have proper insurance coverage to protect rental car assets. To provide a win-win to you and your car loan applicants, get a demo today.

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Document Processing for Rental Car Companies

Our document processing product allows consumers to upload any structured or unstructured image or document for your business needs. The document is processed with 100% accuracy, pulling the requested data you need instantly. Contact us to learn about all of the current capabilities of our document processing product and how we can improve your current systems. With the ability to access auto insurance data via document upload, MeasureOne can improve your current onboarding platform. Get a demo today.

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Customized Request for Data

MeasureOne’s consumer-permissioned data platform can be customized to pull verified data from any online consumer account. Have something new in mind that isn’t appearing above? Contact us today and talk to one of our expert team members about any custom data verification request you may have.

Getting Started is Easy

From small business to enterprise, integration solutions for everybody

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MeasureOne Dashboard

No-code required to request, access, and verify the data you need in one centralized location

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3rd Party Platforms

MeasureOne integrates with third party platforms allowing for easier integration and deployment using your existing operational workflow with recurring and one-time data access

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Integrate the consumer experience natively into your application. Results will automatically populate your platform


Trusted by 100+ brands, MeasureOne is the leading platform for instant access to and verification of consumer data for the automotive market.

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"MeasureOne's product has been top shelf ... The team was able to customize the product to fit some of our unique needs and give us what a previous provider had, but with a higher success rate of verifications and at a lower price!"

Mark Herbert Director of Operations, Ride Rental Cars

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