Admission and Financial Aid
Optimization: GradScore

Our platform helps higher education institutions
reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies

MeasureOne’s platform will:

  • Process transcripts into your SIS without human intervention, providing significant cost savings
  • Deliver predictive analytics through our proprietary GradScore solution, the world’s first predictive link between individual academic data and graduation persistence rates

The MeasureOne platform reduces costs and increases efficiencies by focusing on automation and standardization of academic data


Our automated transcript processing captures and parses transcript data

  • Student opt-in and consent
  • Real-time access
  • Supports 7,000 US transcript providers
  • Includes support for foreign institutions

Standardized data lets you accurately compare academic performance across institutions

  • Standardizes academic metrics across institutions
  • Leverages years of experience in academic performance data science

GradScore gives your institution endless opportunities to help students

+ Improves resource utilization
+ Processes transfers faster and at lower cost
+ Solves for reverse transfers efficiently and effectively
+ Powers student success solutions
+ Inform admissions and financial aid decisions with predictive analytics

Use Cases


Emergency Aid
Financial Aid
Student Intervention


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