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Get the information you need while keeping customers in control of their data

As Web 3.0 evolves and expands, the case for user control of data remains a core focus of the technology. Concepts like self-sovereign identity and data wallets are promising users the ability to take back control of their personal information. With these advancements, there’s still a need to enrich or verify digital identities with data from outside sources.

MeasureOne helps bridge this divide while keeping users in control of their data the entire way. Our consumer-permissioned data platform provides real-time access to the data you need while allowing the user to retain ownership of their information.




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The One Stop Shop for Automated Income, Employment, Education Verification & More

With MeasureOne you get:

  • One-Stop Shop for verification:

    Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access data for all verification needs

  • Single, easy applicant experience:

    Verify consumer data including income and employment with one consistent UX

  • full automation:

    Faster processing, and increased conversions means more approvals, reduced errors

  • superior market coverage:

    With over 2,000+ supported payroll systems, 7,000+ unique data sources, and a unique waterfall approach, MeasureOne provides the most complete solution on the market


    All data consumer approved

  • Alternative Data Credit Performance score:

    Establish a predictive link between academic achievement and credit performance with MeritScore, our proprietary FCRA-approved score. Expand your portfolio by identifying low-risk declines to swap in, and high-risk current approvals that can be swapped out

  • Current or prior salary
  • Gig worker income
  • Employer name
  • Employee’s job title
  • Hire and end dates
VERIFY Education
  • School
  • Degrees
  • Graduation or Enrollment Status
  • GPA
  • Leverage an alternative data-based credit performance score
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“Academic data is a game changer for predicting young borrowers, especially where credit bureau data are thin - like the FICO® Score was a game changer for credit bureau data 30 years ago.”
Larry Rosenberger Investor, Research Fellow and Former CEO at FICO

Case Studies


Creating a New Product by Swapping-in High Academic Achievers

Using MeasureOne’s platform, a student lender diversifies their portfolio while maintaining their current tolerance for risk.

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