Web3 & Blockchain

Get the information you need while keeping customers in control of their data

Give users control over their data without compromising your business needs

Get real-time access to the data you need with direct consent from consumers

Leverage consumer-permissioned data to enrich or verify digital identities


Instant Income, Employment, Education Data, and more

Your One-stop-shop for verification


A powerful platform

Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online accounts for any verification needs


Single, easy applicant experience

Verify consumer data including income and employment with one consistent UX


Full Automation

Faster processing and increased conversions means more approvals and reduced errors


Superior market coverage

4.5x the industry average for payroll coverage with 5000+ payroll processors and a unique waterfall approach


Consumer privacy guarantee

All data consumer approved


Document Processing

Proprietary, automated, and determinisitic document processing with 100% accuracy

Web3 & Blockchain Data Use Cases

We power any verification you need to deliver Web3 & blockchain technology

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Digital Identity

Increase adoption of your digital identity solution by keeping users in control of their personal data every step of the way. Verify crucial aspects of identity without the need for a middle man.

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Digital Data Wallet

Connect to traditional web data sources to verify account ownership with the user in control of the entire process.

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Background Checks

Have users consent access to different online accounts so you can easily get access to the records you need for background checks.

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Consumer Data Sharing

Consumers grant access to their personal data for the sake of advertising consent or account validation.

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Consumers grant permission for the sharing of their personal data with businesses in order to unlock benefits and personalization. By applying a human-in-the-loop process to consumer data sharing, consumers are able to retain utmost control and privacy over how their personal information is shared and for what purpose.


Trusted by 90+ brands, MeasureOne is the leading platform for instant access to and verification of consumer data for the Web3 & blockchain market.

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“With industry-leading coverage and consumer privacy at the forefront of their values, MeasureOne is the perfect verification partner for us as we continue to pave the way for a better digital mortgage experience.”

Tim Nguyen Co-founder and CEO of BeSmartee.

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