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Accelerate Your Underwriting Process & Increase Approvals

The old process of underwriting & approving loans is tedious, expensive and requires manual work from multiple parties. Many solutions offer “automation” but are either cost prohibitive, fail to prioritize consumer privacy, or don’t deliver due to poor user experiences or insufficient market coverage. On top of that, each data need may require a different vendor.

MeasureOne’s API solves these problems through a unique, consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service. For lenders and credit decisioning organizations, MeasureOne enables fast and reliable access to and verification of any consumer information in an online account including income, employment, education, an academic data-based predictive model, MeasureOne MeritScore, and much more. For consumers, MeasureOne provides the essential infrastructure to safely share data with businesses and unlock access to credit.




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The One Stop Shop for Automated Income, Employment, Education Verification & More

With MeasureOne you get:

  • One-Stop Shop for verification:

    Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access data for all verification needs

  • Single, easy applicant experience:

    Verify consumer data including income and employment with one consistent UX

  • full automation:

    Faster processing, and increased conversions means more approvals, reduced errors

  • superior market coverage:

    With over 2,000+ supported payroll systems, 7,000+ unique data sources, and a unique waterfall approach, MeasureOne provides the most complete solution on the market


    All data consumer approved

  • Alternative Data Credit Performance score:

    Establish a predictive link between academic achievement and credit performance with MeritScore, our proprietary FCRA-approved score. Expand your portfolio by identifying low-risk declines to swap in, and high-risk current approvals that can be swapped out

  • Current or prior salary
  • Gig worker income
  • Employer name
  • Employee’s job title
  • Hire and end dates
VERIFY Education
  • School
  • Degrees
  • Graduation or Enrollment Status
  • GPA
  • Leverage an alternative data-based credit performance score
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“Academic data is a game changer for predicting young borrowers, especially where credit bureau data are thin - like the FICO® Score was a game changer for credit bureau data 30 years ago.”
Larry Rosenberger Investor, Research Fellow and Former CEO at FICO

Case Studies


Creating a New Product by Swapping-in High Academic Achievers

Using MeasureOne’s platform, a student lender diversifies their portfolio while maintaining their current tolerance for risk.

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