Tenant Income & Employment Verification for Property Management

Streamline your application process, expand tenant qualifications, and accelerate occupancy

Transform the applicant experience with automated verification of income and employment

Verify your tenants hold adequate renters insurance in minutes

Leverage real-time consumer data to accelerate the tenant approval process


Instant Tenant Income and Employment Data

Your One-stop-shop for verification


A powerful platform

Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online accounts for any verification needs


Single, easy applicant experience

Verify consumer data including income and employment with one consistent UX


Full Automation

Faster processing and increased conversions means more approvals and reduced errors


Superior market coverage

4.5x the industry average for payroll coverage with 5000+ payroll processors


Consumer privacy guarantee

All data consumer approved


Document Processing

Proprietary, automated, and determinisitic document processing with 100% accuracy

How to Verify Income for Tenants



The tenant applicant gives permission to MeasureOne to access their income data for the specific purpose(s) of the requesting business (e.g. income verification by a property manager)



The tenant logs into their online payroll account within the MeasureOne platform to connect their source data



MeasureOne provides direct links to payroll websites for easy username and password recovery



MeasureOne provides an alternative option to income verification by enabling the consumer to upload recent paystubs and verify that data against bank deposits



Success! The consented and verified income data is instantly delivered back to the property management company

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which solutions do most landlords use?

Landlords typically use background screening solutions to help evaluate potential tenants for credit checks, criminal history checks, rental history, and income and employment verification. 

At MeasureOne, property managers use employment and income verification solutions to evaluate a tenant's ability to pay rent and to even combat tenant fraud.  MeasureOne verifies an applicant’s employment by connecting directly to their payroll account, or by processing documents that show their income, such as pay stubs or tax returns using MeasureOne’s document processing solution, which allows for proprietary, automated, deterministic document and image processing with 100% accuracy. Document processing is an effective alternative  for tenants who do not have access to an online payroll system.

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What if the tenant doesn't remember their login credentials?

We provide a direct link to the exact webpage on the account website to recover/reset login credentials.

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Are tenants comfortable sharing their credentials?

We are seeing near 100% participation in the process. There is also a strong precedent for consumers sharing access to much more sensitive data in return for some benefit to them.

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What happens if the tenant never completes the process?

Best practice with our customers is to use MeasureOne as the primary solution. If for whatever reason, a consumer is unable to connect to their online account, they have the ability to upload the requested documentation for us to process and provide the data directly to you. 

If for whatever reason the consumer still fails to complete the process, we recommend falling back to your current solution after a defined time frame. 

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Does MeasureOne have a support team for tenants?

Yes! Our support team is available 24/7 to answer consumer questions.

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Can I white-label your service?

Yes!  For more information, schedule a demo.

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How to run a background screen on a tenant?

The process of running a background check on a potential tenant is simple:

  1. After obtaining written consent from the tenant (typically by including it in the rental application), landlords and property managers will select a screening provider. Screening providers can include specialized tenant screening companies, general background check companies, and consumer-permissioned data platforms like MeasureOne.
  2. Landlord/management company will choose the type of screening they need. This can include credit checks, criminal history checks, rental history checks, employment and income verification, and reference checks.
  3. Landlord/property manager will provide tenant information, such as their full name, date of birth, and social security number, to the screening provider. For income and employment verification with MeasureOne, property managers and landlords will simply provide the tenant email address and/or phone number to send a request for the tenant to log into their payroll account to pull their income and employment data. See how it works.
  4. Once the data is received, it’s time to review the report. Data is compiled instantly into a report for easy access to verify tenant information.

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