Consumer Consent

By continuing, you hereby give MeasureOne consent to access, obtain, use and extract your personal account data from third party sources, databases, networks, processors or information systems (each, a “Third Party Source”), including personally identifiable information such as your full name, address, birth date, employment or student status, income or other financial information and any related data applicable to the provision and delivery of MeasureOne services, and to use other personally identifiable information that you may directly provide to MeasureOne, for the uses described in this consent.

You have been directed to MeasureOne by, or through, the application of a MeasureOne customer or partner with which you have a direct commercial relationship and from which you have requested, or may obtain, products or services (each of those MeasureOne customers or partners being referred to as an “Authorized Recipient”). You hereby expressly authorize and give MeasureOne permission to deliver, provide or make available to the Authorized Recipient, the designated personal account data (or data and information that MeasureOne may derive from, or is based on, that personal account data) required by, or necessary to enable, the Authorized Recipient to evaluate your request to obtain, or otherwise provide you with, its products or services (the designated personal account data that MeasureOne delivers, provides or makes available to an Authorized Recipient with your consent, or otherwise derives from or is based on your personal account data, being referred to as the “Permissioned Data”). To the extent that any of the Permissioned Data may be considered “Tax Return Information” under Section 7216 of the IRS Code, you acknowledge and agree that MeasureOne makes available the Permissioned Data to Authorized Recipient for the purpose of providing auxiliary services in connection with the preparation of your tax return.

To obtain your personal account data from a Third Party Source, MeasureOne requires you to provide your credentials (including log-in information and any related two-factor authentication tokens or similar access information) and your authorization to access, obtain, use and extract that personal account data from the Third Party Source. You represent that the credentials you provide belong to you, that they are valid for the use intended and that you are making those credentials available to MeasureOne for the purposes referred to in this consent.

You confirm that all personal account data belongs to, and is owned by, you. You confirm that you have the legal capacity to provide and deliver this consent and to understand its purpose. You legally and validly hereby appoint and designate MeasureOne to act as your lawful, authorized and empowered agent to access, obtain, use and extract your personal account data from the Third Party Source within which that data may be stored, maintained or reside (and from which Permissioned Data may be derived, taken or made available to any Authorized Recipient). You consent, and hereby grant, an irrevocable, royalty-free license, and sublicense, to the foregoing uses and applications, to sharing personal account data with MeasureOne and for MeasureOne to share Permissioned Data with, and provide Permissioned Data to, the Authorized Recipient. You agree that neither MeasureOne nor the Authorized Recipient has any liability to you, and you hereby expressly, unconditionally and irrevocably waive and agree not to assert any claims against MeasureOne or the Authorized Recipient, for any actions taken or not taken as your lawful, authorized and empowered agent under this consent, for any use or misuse of your Permissioned Data by any Authorized Recipient or for any decisions affecting you that the Authorized Recipient may make or not make in connection your use of its application.