Document Processing

We support all documents. Proprietary, automated, deterministic document and image processing coupled with AI for more speed, flexibility, and 100% accuracy.

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Document Processing Fallback Solution

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The consumer gives permission to MeasureOne to access their income data for the specific purpose(s) of the requesting business (e.g. VOI by a lender)

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The consumer logs into their online payroll account within the MeasureOne platform to connect their source data

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MeasureOne provides direct links to payroll websites for easy username and password recovery

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MeasureOne provides an alternative option to income verification by enabling the consumer to upload recent paystubs and verify that data against bank deposits

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Success! The consented and verified income data is instantly delivered back to the requesting business

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Benefits of Document Processing with MeasureOne


Trusted fallback solution

Enable users to upload any relevant documents to fulfill your data request


100% Accuracy

Deterministic processing guarantees 100% accuracy for structured documents - PDF, HTML, JSON, XML, and more


Deterministic Processing with AI

Process documents with the utmost speed and accuracy using MeasureOne's proprietary combo of deterministic processing and AI


Support for unstructured documents

OCR for unstructured documents and images with confidence metrics at the attribute level to inform your review process


Higher conversions

Seamlessly integrated with the MeasureOne platform for optimal conversion


Extensible platform

Document processing is extensible to any document type

Getting Started is Easy

From small business to enterprise, integration solutions for everybody

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MeasureOne Dashboard

No-code required to request, access, and verify the data you need in one centralized location

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3rd Party Platforms

MeasureOne integrates with third party platforms allowing for easier integration and deployment using your existing operational workflow

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Integrate the consumer experience natively into your application. Results will automatically populate your platform

Flexible Reporting Options


Reports are 100% configurable to your business needs


Get the data you need directly from a user's uploaded documents


Ensure documents undergo deterministic processing


100% accuracy for structured and unstructured documents


Request standardized data reporting for any document


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