Student Verification

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Our Platform Offers:

  • Competitive pricing with no minimums
  • Global scalability
  • Real time results
  • Data that is always up-to-date
  • Access to 100% of US colleges & universities, plus nearly 1,000 vocational schools
  • Extensive verifiable data options, including degree, GPA, and up to full transcripts


Transform Your Business

Use MeasureOne's platform to increase margins and provide additional product offerings.

The platform seamlessly integrates into your operations using our flexible deployment options.

Get real-time student enrollment status and other transcript information including GPA, degrees completed, and graduation dates.

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Custom Data Options

  • Graduation Dates
  • Degrees Completed
  • Academic Majors
  • Dates of Attendance
  • GPA
  • Other available transcript information, upon request

Use Cases

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Verify student enrollment for retail student discount programs

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Confirm eligibility for "Good Student" discount programs



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