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The MeasureOne Platform:

Put the power of academic data to work for your business.

The use of highly-predictive academic data sets has been stymied by inconsistent, hard-to-compare, fragmented sources of information – provided in a range of incompatible formats. As a result, it’s been all but impossible for applications to generate insights from this invaluable data.

MeasureOne has created a first-of-its-kind API, enabling you to effortlessly integrate academic data into your products and services. Designed by developers for developers, our technology handles the complexity involved with academic data, so you can focus on innovation.



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“MeasureOne’s MeritScore provides a new way to assess risk for an important and valuable consumer segment within the lending ecosystem, providing new opportunities for borrowers, lenders, and capital investors."
Ted Conrads
Ted Conrads Founder and co-CEO at Colchis Capital