Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform

The best way to use consumer-permissioned data for verification, marketing, credit decisioning, and more.

Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform Advantages 

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Unmatched data coverage across the globe for employment, income, insurance, and more

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The industry’s fastest processing speeds

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A lower cost alternative to traditional data warehouses

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Continuous Access

Recurring or one-time data access

Leverage real-time, consumer-permissioned data to accelerate and grow your business.

What is a Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform?

MeasureOne has created the industry’s first consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service, covering a wide range of data types including education, income, employment, insurance and more.

By using our platform, businesses can access and use any consumer data available in an online account without compromising consumer privacy.

The process begins when a business requests that a consumer shares their personal information. Through the MeasureOne platform, the consumer consents to sharing that specific data. MeasureOne then automatically extracts ONLY the authorized information directly from their account and shares that data with the requesting business.



A powerful platform

Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online accounts. Extensible service layer with direct heuristic, and ML-based data processing.


Real time results

Consumer data requests can be fulfilled and delivered in seconds


Seamless integration

Our developer friendly data API enables easy access to consumer data with flexible integration options including zero-code hosted solutions



Unparalleled data source coverage across a wide range of data types and geographies


Consumer privacy guarantee

Any consented, shared information is separated from source data.


custom verification

MeasureOne’s consumer-permissioned data platform is not limited to current solutions. If your team needs a specialized consumer data solution, please contact us to speak with a specialist

How our Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform Works


Step-by-Step Process



The business asks the consumer to share specific personal data, which may include: insurance policy details, student enrollment status, degree(s) earned, current salary, or recent employer and job title.



The consumer gives permission to MeasureOne to access their personal data to satisfy the data request. The consumer securely shares login credentials for their online account via the MeasureOne platform.



Once connected, MeasureOne retrieves the consumer-permissioned data. This data may include insurance decs pages, transcripts, student profile information, payroll stubs, earning statements, or employee profile information.



 MeasureOne shares the information necessary to complete the business’s data request. ONLY the necessary information is extracted and shared. For example, in a student enrollment verification, MeasureOne will only share the enrollment status and not share the full transcript with the requesting business.


10,000+ data sources and growing in the US and abroad

100% Coverage of US Employees for Income and Employment
4.5x The Industry Average for Payroll Coverage
75% More Coverage than the Next Leading Provider
10,000+ Data Sources MeasureOne Logo
98% Coverage of US and Canada Higher Education
95% Coverage of Insurance Providers
2.6M+ Documents Processed
100% Coverage of US Employees for Income and Employment
4.5x The Industry Average for Payroll Coverage
75% More Coverage than the Next Leading Provider
98% Coverage of US and Canada Higher Education
95% Coverage of Insurance Providers
2.6M+ Documents Processed

Getting Started is Easy

From small business to enterprise, integration solutions for everybody

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Hosted Portal

No development involved. MeasureOne provides hosted web experiences to access and share consumer-permissioned data

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3rd Party Platforms

MeasureOne integrates with third party platforms allowing for easier integration and deployment using your existing operational workflow

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Integrate the consumer experience natively into your application. Results will automatically populate your platform

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a consumer-permissioned data request?

Consumer-permissioned data introduces a new relationship between the consumer, the requesting business, and their data. By working with a consumer-permissioned data platform, like MeasureOne, the consumer provides secure access to their data, but consents to sharing ONLY the necessary information with the requesting business.

The platform plays two roles in the transaction: (1) it ensures that only the permissioned information is shared with the requesting business, and (2) it guarantees the provenance of the data to the requesting business. 

By using a consumer-permissioned data model, the consumer maintains control over their data. They can safely and securely share their information, knowing that only the necessary, specifically-requested information is disclosed to the requesting business. 

Using consumer-permissioned data is beneficial for the requesting business too. When they take advantage of CPD, businesses get:

  • Access to any consumer data in an online account including income, employment, education, insurance, brokerage data, and more
  • Real-time data from primary sources ensuring 100% accurate and up-to-date data
  • Automation of traditionally manual data collection processes
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Is individual data reused?

No, we pull fresh data every time. We only get consent to pull data for that particular request. The same individual coming two different times to MeasureOne would be two new requests.

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What if the consumer doesn't remember their login credentials?

We provide a direct link to the exact webpage on the account website to recover/reset login credentials.

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Are consumers comfortable sharing their credentials?

We are seeing near 100% participation in the process. There is also a strong precedent for consumers sharing access to much more sensitive data in return for some benefit to them.

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What happens if the consumer never completes the process?

Best practice with our customers is to use MeasureOne as the primary solution. If for whatever reason, a consumer is unable to connect to their online account, they have the ability to upload the requested documentation for us to process and provide the data directly to you. 

If for whatever reason the consumer still fails to complete the process, we recommend falling back to your current solution after a defined time frame. 

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How long does it take to get the data results?

Results are instant once a consumer connects their online account to the MeasureOne platform. 

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Does MeasureOne have a support team for consumers?

Yes! Our support team is available 24/7 to answer consumer questions.

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Can I use MeasureOne via TazWorks or Accio?

Yes, we are fully integrated with TazWorks and Accio to make your workflow seamless.

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Can I white-label your service?

Yes!  For more information, schedule a demo.

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What if I, or my clients, don’t want the consumer to be involved in the process?

Consumers, now more than ever, want to be involved in who collects their data and where it’s being shared.  In fact, in our own survey of consumers, 82% of consumers said being involved was important to them. 

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