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Why Choose MeasureOne?

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Better Experience

The consumer permissioning process is easy and fast. Get the data you need to provide the services they want.

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Better Coverage

Access to 100% of the U.S. higher education institutions, plus global expansion capabilities. The first and only platform to provide this level of access.

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Better Transparency

Alleviate privacy issues with consumer-permissioned data. Consumers select the institutions, the data to share, and which providers have permission to access it.

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Better Data

Get access to unlimited data directly from the source, instead of a 3rd-party repository, in a simple, standardized format.

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Better Insights

Use better data to develop consumer insights, driving new products and services.

Product Overview

MeasureOne leads the way in consumer-permissioned academic data sharing. Through our platform, consumers can safely share a wide range of academic data elements, including current enrollment status, enrollment history, degrees earned, and academic performance.

The process starts when the consumer gives consent to share specific academic information with the requesting party. MeasureOne then works with the consumer to extract their academic data and shares ONLY the authorized information with the requesting party.

+ 100% US College/University Coverage

+ Global Scalability

+ Real Time Results

+ Expansive Data Verification Capabilities

+ Flexible API

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Step 1: The consumer gives permission to MeasureOne to access their academic data for the specific purposes of the requesting party. These purposes may include enrollment verification, current enrollment status, degree verification, or academic performance.

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Step 2: The consumer connects their academic institution to MeasureOne by logging into their academic institution portal within the MeasureOne platform.

Permissioned Academic Data

Step 3: Once connected to the institution, MeasureOne retrieves the permissioned academic data, including transcripts and student profile information.

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Step 4: MeasureOne analyzes the permissioned academic data and extracts ONLY the specific information necessary to complete the requesting business's inquiry. For example, in an enrollment verification, a college transcript can be used to verify enrollment. MeasureOne will only share the enrollment information from the transcript, and will NOT share the full transcript without explicit consumer consent.


Example Student Verification Workflow

Student Verification Workflow Illustration

Verifying Party requests an Enrollment Summary from Consumer


Consumer provides permission to MeasureOne to access their academic data


Consumer connects their university account to MeasureOne by logging into their account through MeasureOne


MeasureOne accesses the Consumer's academic data from the connected university account


MeasureOne analyzes and extracts the information necessary to complete the Enrollment Summary request

example email and JSON report

Example Reports

Academic Summary and JSON Payload


Flexible Deployment Options: Get Started Quickly

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Hosted Portal

No development involved. MeasureOne provides you with a branded web portal in which consumers securely enter their school credentials.

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3rd Party Platforms

MeasureOne integrates with third party platforms, allowing for easier deployment and easier integration using your existing operational workflow.

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Integrate the consumer experience natively into your application. Results will automatically populate your platform.

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