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Automated VOIE and Insurance Verification

Accelerate approvals and streamline your underwriting process

Transform the borrower experience with automated VOIE

Leverage real-time consumer income and employment data to expand borrower access and close more loans

Verify auto or homeowners insurance for faster underwriting

Expand coverage and increase conversions with fraud-proof bank transaction-based income verification for non-traditional workers



Instant Income and Employment Data

VOIE and Insurance Verification Solution



Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online accounts for any verification needs. The all-in-one automated platform means faster processing, reduced errors, and more conversions. Streamline your processes and grow your business.



Verify income for all workers, including non-traditional contract workers, freelancers, and more with support for both payroll-based and bank-based income verification along with fraud-proof document processing.



Flexible deployment options to fit your business needs, and a lower-cost alternative to legacy providers enables you to take advantage of an automated verification solution without disrupting your workflows or making compromises.



Get an optimal combination of deterministic parsing and AI for 100% accuracy. Seamlessly integrate automated document processing in partnership with MeasureOne’s credentialed solution for higher completion rates. In the case that the user doesn’t have an online account (or has trouble connecting to it), they can upload their documents and we’ll process them.

Top Use Cases for Credit Unions

We power any verification you need to deliver consumer financial services

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Verify Applicants' Income for Personal Finances

MeasureOne’s API helps current and potential credit card & payday lenders verify their potential customers. Being able to instantly acquire a user's consented income & employment data, credit lenders can obtain an instant view of their potential customers' liability.

Lenders using our API for their underwriting operations receive improved data accuracy, completion rates & user data safety. MeasureOne gives your lending team the upper hand at making quicker and more accurate lending decisions Contact us or Get a Demo today to get started.

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Income Data for Landlords & Mortgage Loans

MeasureOne’s Tenant Income Verification & Mortgage Application data platform gives real estate lenders a more efficient way to verify future tenants. Whether you are a landlord looking to verify a potential tenant’s income & employment or need to improve your current mortgage underwriting process, our consumer-permissioned data access platform provides income & employment data instantaneously.

Removing inaccurate information & improving completion rates of applications, income verification for mortgages or tenants becomes a seamlessly integrated part of your process with MeasureOne. Improve your rental & mortgage application systems today. Get a demo.

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Income & Employment Verification for Auto Loans

MeasureOne provides a streamlined process for providing proof of income for car loan applicants. While using consumer-permissioned data, MeasureOne can streamline your current underwriting process for approving & providing auto loans. Instead of users having to manually provide proof of income to buy a car, now they can log directly into their current payroll provider to give you access to their payroll data.

This new method of providing auto loan income verification is a faster, safer & easier way to underwrite car loans. To provide a win-win to you and your car loan applicants, get a demo today.

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Verify income via bank transaction history

MeasureOne provides a streamlined process for providing proof of income for non-traditional workers like contract or gig workers, self-employed workers, freelancers, and more. MeasureOne can streamline your current income verification processes with connections to both payroll providers and their transaction and deposit history. Lean on fraud-proof verification through MeasureOne’s credentialed solutions for all workers.

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Income Verification for Student Loan Applications

Obtaining income & employment information for student loans and ISAs (Income Sharing Agreements) can be a tedious process for both parties. Improve your student loan underwriting experience by obtaining instantaneous income & employment information from your applicant.

MeasureOne’s Lending & Credit data API can seamlessly integrate into your current process to provide required user data to make your loan decision effortless. To improve your student loan and ISA decision-making with Measure One, Request a Demo or contact us today.

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Banking & Loan Origination Platforms

Our Lending & Credit Data access platform integrates seamlessly directly into banking & loan origination platforms. Allowing for your platform & current process to have the ability to acquire income & employment data instantaneously. Contact us to learn about all of the current capabilities of our consumer-permissioned data API platform and how we can improve your current systems. With instant access to income and verification data, improved completion rates & more secure user data, MeasureOne can improve your current financial platform. Get a demo today.

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Customized Request for Data

MeasureOne’s consumer-permissioned data platform can be customized to pull verified data from any online consumer account. Have something new in mind that isn’t appearing above? Contact us today and talk to one of our expert team members about any custom data verification request you may have.

Credit Union Customers

Trusted by 90+ brands, MeasureOne is the leading platform for instant access to and verification of consumer data for the credit union market.

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“With industry-leading coverage and consumer privacy at the forefront of their values, MeasureOne is the perfect verification partner for us as we continue to pave the way for a better digital mortgage experience.”

Tim Nguyen Co-founder and CEO of BeSmartee.

Case Studies

Find out how we're helping customers lend smarter and faster

How a background screening company expedited verifications and lowered costs for their clients

Since onboarding MeasureOne for its background screening needs, SafeScreener has lowered their costs and saved their clients money, all while speeding up the verification process.

Creating a New Product by Swapping-in High Academic Achievers

Using MeasureOne’s platform, a student lender diversifies their portfolio while maintaining their current tolerance for risk.

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