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Transcript Statistics: Derivative Metrics Based On Transcript Data

In addition to the raw and standardized transcript information, MeasureOne identifies a set of derivative metrics during processing. The transcript statistics, such as average courses completed each term and number of courses, provide a first level of analysis of the transcript, increasing utility and accelerating decision-making.


Predictive Analytics: The Link Between Academic Performance and Consumer Behavior

MeasureOne is the first company to establish the predictive power of academic data. Using proprietary data sets, advanced data science, and machine-learning techniques, we are the undisputed leaders in linking academic achievement and future consumer behavior.




Establishing the link between transcript data and academic persistence

GradScore establishes the relationship between historical transcript data and academic persistence. This proprietary score is a key metric for predicting a student’s future academic performance, giving financial aid, admissions, and counseling professionals confidence in decisions on where to direct their limited institutional resources.



The world's first predictive link between individualized academic data and credit performance

MeritScore is a proprietary, FCRA-approved score that establishes predictive links between individualized academic data and credit performance. MeritScore enables financial institutions and credit providers with better decision-making tools when evaluating the credit-worthiness of individuals with limited financial history. MeritScore is scaled similarly to FICO, providing a standard metric for comparison.


Custom Analytics: The Experts at Applying Academic Data To Your Business

MeasureOne is the unrivaled expert at advising businesses and institutions on how to gain the most value from academic data. Contact us and we can discuss your specific objectives, and how academic data can transform your business outcomes.

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