Education and Employment Verification Process



Step-by-Step Process for Education and Employment Verification


Business Requests Data

Michelle has landed her dream job as Senior Director, Rocket Scientist at GoMars. GoMars has asked AAA Background Screening to verify her education and employment: Michelle’s degree earned, prior employer’s name, job title and hire/end dates.


Consumer Consents and Grants Access

Michelle gives MeasureOne consent to access her education and employment data and share her degree earned, prior employer’s name, job title and hire/end dates with AAA Background Screening.


MeasureOne Accesses the Data

Michelle provides MeasureOne the necessary credentials to access her education and employment data from trusted data sources. MeasureOne accesses and extracts Michelle’s education and employment data and uses it to confirm degree earned, employer’s name, job title, and hire/end dates.


Consumer Uploads Required Documents

Alternatively, if Michelle cannot access her employment data, she uploads her paystub and provides her bank account credentials. MeasureOne parses Michelle’s pay stubs, then accesses and extracts her direct deposit information from her bank and compares it to her paystubs to confirm her employer’s name.


Success! Data Shared with the Business

MeasureOne reports Michelle’s education and employment data to AAA Background Screening. MICHELLE IS NOW DESIGNING THE FIRST SELF CHARGING ROCKET ENGINE THAT WILL BE USED TO TRAVEL TO MARS!

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