How a background screening company expedited verifications and lowered costs for their clients

Removing the cost to the customer by implementing technology

About SafeScreener

SafeScreener makes background checks easier for businesses and non-profits, using an API to screen applicants' resumes and applications for inaccuracies, embellishments, criminal records and more. 

Their goal

SafeScreener aimed to cut costs for their consumers without impacting their turn-around-times for verifications. 

The cost-saving solution

SafeScreener uses the MeasureOne API to verify a candidate's employer, education history,  and other background information at a lower cost than their previous data partner. Because MeasureOne accesses job titles, educational transcripts, and other necessary data using more than 4000 payroll processors and direct access to 100% of US and Canada colleges and universities, SafeScreener can cut costs and complete background screenings with real-time data direct from the source.

The final results

Since onboarding MeasureOne for its background screening needs, SafeScreener has lowered their costs and saved their clients money, all while speeding up the verification process.