How a rental car company optimized their rental processes with automated insurance verification

About Ride Rental Cars

Ride Rental Cars is a rental car company whose mission goes beyond traditional rental services with a commitment to accessible and affordable temporary transportation for all members in their community, no matter their financial situation. With only three simple requirements—liability insurance, a valid driver’s license, and a minimum age of 21—Ride Rental Cars strives to cater to the diverse needs of its community.


Their Goal

As Ride Rental Cars continues to grow and expand their business, the need to maintain a positive and consistent online car rental experience for every customer is increasingly important. Behind the scenes, however, ensuring every renter has adequate insurance coverage is an essential component to Ride policies. Typically, Ride Rental Cars has relied on manual operations for collecting auto insurance details from renters, often involving extensive paperwork and back-and-forth communication, leading to slower processing times, increased administrative costs, and potential customer dissatisfaction. Thus, finding a way to improve the insurance verification process would not only help to streamline their operations, but could also greatly enhance the customer experience during the booking process. Ride Rental Cars saw an opportunity to automate their insurance verification process with MeasureOne. 


Saving Time and Lowering Costs

Ride Rental Cars uses MeasureOne’s platform to streamline access to and verification of auto insurance data during the online car rental process. With MeasureOne, Ride Rentals Cars has been able to create a new, simplified process for customers to instantly connect their insurance account or upload a picture of their insurance card or their policy right at the time of booking. With the required insurance data available, the customer gets a transparent quote and Ride Rental Cars mitigates their risk. Automating the insurance verification process with MeasureOne has led to a simple and streamlined rental booking experience —and at a lower cost than their previous vendor.


The Final Results

An estimated 40% of transactions have seen reduced rental process times as of the MeasureOne integration. The Ride Rental Car team tracks processing times both at the counter and for document review, and is thrilled with this operational improvement. The company is poised to continue enhancing the reservation process, streamlining their operations, and delivering on their mission to serve every member in their community with accessible and affordable car rentals.