Step into April: How to empower your business with MeasureOne this spring

This month learn about:

  • The newest product features improving verification of income that offers greater transparency and a seamless experience for users
  • Where to find us in our spring and summer conference series
  • How MeasureOne can help protect your business with automated verfications
  • How to get a $15 gift card for your feedback.

Get to know our new product features 🚀

We’re committed to continuing to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of our products. This month’s improvements aim to streamline income verification processes and offer greater transparency to users, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Check them out:

  • Improved Income Summary Earnings Breakdown: Now, you can access detailed earnings breakdowns in the VOIE report/JSON, and we've added the expanded data to your Income Summary , providing a comprehensive view of income sources.
  • Enhanced Bank Income Reporting: With the addition of the "Total" field in both the dashboard and PDF reports, users can now easily track aggregate transactions on a monthly basis, offering a clear overview of their earnings.
  • Improved Bank-Based Income Coverage: We've broadened our scope by accessing and reviewing all credit transactions from deposit accounts for bank-based income verification. We’ve introduced new transaction categories, such as 'Transfers In' and 'Other Deposits' to ensure nothing gets missed, to cover all transactions beyond traditional income sources.

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Join Spring Events with MeasureOne

We’re on the road for April and May. Check out where we’re heading:


  • When: April 24-27
  • Where: Louisville, KY
  • What: We’re excited to sponsor this year’s Graduate Enrollment Management Summit and support admissions departments with automated access to education history and student data. Let’s connect while you’re here! Visit us at Booth 106!
  • MeasureOne solutions: Student verification and education verification 
  • Connect with us

MeridianLink User Forum

  • When: April 29-May 2
  • Where: Nashville, TN
  • What: We’re thrilled to be sponsoring the User Forum. Come meet us at our booth to discuss automated income, employment, and insurance verification for your lending processes. Meet us at Booth 103!
  • MeasureOne solutions:  Automated VOIE and Insurance verification
  • Connect with us

Heading to one of these events? Get in touch with us at the above links!


Protect your business: Why auto insurance verification for gig drivers is essential

The prevalence of uninsured drivers in the United States is startling, and the liabilities they pose to both individuals and businesses is hazardous. Our latest blog sheds light on why verifying auto insurance for gig drivers is not just a legal obligation but a vital necessity for ensuring safety and compliance on the roads.

Learn why gig companies must take proactive steps to protect themselves from potential legal entanglements and financial losses. Dive deep into the strategies gig companies employ to reduce risk through specialized insurance coverage tailored to their drivers' unique work activities. Plus, explore the solution revolutionizing the onboarding process and safeguarding businesses against fraud and compliance risks. Don't miss out on this essential read for anyone operating in the gig economy.

Tech innovations to improve car rental processes

Technology can be a transformative power in how the car rental industry performs. From fleet management software to online reservation systems, technology has already made significant strides in enhancing efficiency and service quality. However, one crucial aspect remains untapped—auto insurance verification. Automating the process is crucial, and, through API-driven solutions like MeasureOne, rental car companies can seamlessly integrate automated insurance verification into their booking systems, ensuring swift access to accurate data. By embracing automation, rental agencies can drive operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and deliver a superior customer experience, ultimately staying ahead in the competitive landscape. 

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