New feature announcement: Introducing Static Link, the easiest way for your users to complete a verification


You can now direct your users to a static link where they are prompted to input their personal information and complete a verification.

Why use Static Link?

Until now, our dashboard customers had to create and send data requests manually, including adding your users’ personal information like their name and email address. With Static Link, you no longer have to create the user and the data request in the dashboard, saving you valuable time and alleviating any PII concerns you may have.

The best part? The user’s profile and associated data requests will automatically populate in your dashboard or get sent to you via API integration. To add to that, Static Link is shared directly with your users by you, versus a MeasureOne email, which means they should complete the verification even quicker than before.


How Static Link works

  1. You receive a customized Static Link from MeasureOne.
  2. You direct your users to the Static Link.
  3. A user clicks the link and is prompted to share their name and email and connect to the requested online account
  4. MeasureOne does the rest: we create the user and populate the requested data  into your online dashboard, instantly.


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