MeasureOne's latest feature: Redefining and revolutionizing income verification

Step into the next era of smarter consumer data access and verification with MeasureOne! We are thrilled to announce our latest feature – bank transaction based income history – designed to elevate your income verification and VOIE processes. 


Introducing income verification via bank transaction history

We understand the challenges faced when verifying income for your users, especially those without traditional payroll accounts or with non-traditional income. With our latest feature, you can now seamlessly verify all consumer income through bank transaction history. This allows all workers, including freelancers, contract workers, and those without a standard payroll account, to provide accurate income information. 

Think of it as an enhancement to our income verification solution—we can now verify income wholistically via our credentialed, document upload, and bank transaction history solutions. See what it can do for you:


Unlock the benefits of enhanced income verification

  • Expanded Coverage: Enjoy comprehensive coverage and adaptability to workers of diverse employment backgrounds. With the addition of bank-based transaction history, you can now verify income for every type of worker in three simple steps.
  • Increased Conversions: Not every worker may be onboarded to a traditional payroll, and even those who do may not be able to log into their account. That’s why we provide this additional solution to verify income, enhance the user experience, and boost your conversion rates. With bank transaction based income history, we offer a hassle-free solution that encourages more users to complete the verification process.
  • Fraud-Proof Verification: Say goodbye to falsified documents. By connecting directly to consumers' bank accounts and verifying income data against their transaction history, we eliminate the risk of fraudulent submissions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the income data. Rest assured, every verification is backed by direct access to the primary source–bank accounts.


How it works



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We believe expanding income verification with bank-verified data not only addresses existing pain points for worker coverage and conversion, but also expands the opportunity for your business. Take advantage of the new feature to streamline your verification process and make your operations more efficient and reliable than ever before. 

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