MeasureOne's dish on how to save this holiday season

This month, learn about:
  • How our new insurance card and decs page upload feature can drive conversion
  • What we learned in our travels to AFS and Insuretech Connect
  • How we're supporting you and your users this holiday season

Insurance verification made easier = Increased conversion rates for you

New feature alert! We just made it easier to verify insurance information via document upload by allowing consumers to upload a picture of their insurance card or decs page to get you the insurance data you need.

With more options for consumers to provide their insurance data (whether by our credentialed solution or document upload), you're more likely to get the data you need to complete a transaction. 

The short of it? More accessibility = More conversions. 

Learn more about the new feature and how it can benefit you today. 


Learnings from Auto Finance Summit and Insuretech Connect in 2023

Just a few weeks ago, we attended Auto Finance Summit and Insuretech Connect—and we’re thrilled to have connected with dealers, lenders, and carriers to gain more insight into the needs of the industry. 

Optimism prevails among financers and carriers, as internal data suggests a positive trend for the remainder of the year and into 2024.  The importance of data in the automotive and insurance industries is undeniable, with so many emerging companies focusing on leveraging AI and automation to enhance data quality and reliability.

- Matt Donovan, Head of Insurance at MeasureOne 


We’re confident MeasureOne can be the insurance data solution that the automotive and insurance markets are searching for.


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Prepare for the holiday season: How to ensure your users complete your verification requests

Out of office this holiday season? Don’t worry—you’ll have the data you need when you return. For customers using our dashboard, you can easily help your users navigate and complete your verification requests with our newest user-focused FAQs

Share the link below with your users—we’ll also have it on our website. If, for whatever reason, you’re out of office, let us guide your users to completing the verification request using these FAQs and our dedicated customer support. It’s that easy.


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