Why HR leaders need skills-based hiring now

A college degree used to be the golden ticket to kickstart a professional career. A stamp of approval from higher education on your resume was the fastest on-ramp to a comfortable, salaried position with benefits. While the positive correlation between a college education and long-term income potential has been consistent, the rapid increases in tuition (now up over 1,000% since 1978) and growing constraints on financial aid programs have made a college degree an unattainable goal for many otherwise qualified individuals.

Unfortunately, HR departments have been slow to adapt their hiring practices, and many recruiters still limit the review of potential candidates to include only those with a relevant degree, a shortsighted view. From my perspective, looking only at the college degree penalizes both qualified potential applicants as well as the companies looking to fill positions. As a result, employers need to adapt quickly and view non-degree skills-based hiring as a new approach to sourcing and acquiring talent.

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