Expense management automation: The role of automation in expense platform success

There’s no doubt the significant role that corporate expense platforms play for employers and their employees. So it’s no wonder why competition is stiff and the market for expense reimbursements is thriving. To stay at the top of employers’ lists, it’s crucial for expense platforms to provide transformative solutions. One aspect of innovation is the pursuit of next-level efficiency—ensuring timely reimbursement, of course, and instant processing and verification of submitted employee receipts.  Expense platforms, the foundation of streamlined business operations, are continually evolving to meet the demands of modern organizations. Particularly,  the integration of automated auto insurance verification stands out as a comprehensive solution employers are searching for.  Seamless data verification and document processing is transforming expense reporting while also positioning platforms as indispensable tools for organizational success.


Keeping up with the changing landscape of reimbursement

Expense reporting has long been a pain point for both employees and finance teams. Traditional manual processes, riddled with challenges such as manual receipt collection and error-prone reconciliations, hinder the agility of organizations. Expense platforms, as key players in this landscape, are increasingly recognizing the need to streamline these processes to deliver a competitive edge to their users.

With the surge in remote and hybrid work setups, finance teams are undergoing a fundamental reboot, moving away from traditional paper-based and manual processes towards the adoption of cloud-based systems. These modern systems facilitate seamless budget requests, digital payments, and the integration of tools designed to enhance overall efficiency. This paradigm shift has propelled the substantial growth and investment witnessed by corporate expense platforms, as organizations recognize the need for agile financial solutions that align with the evolving dynamics of the workforce.

Expense platforms can now leverage technology platforms, including API-enabled services to automate and streamline data access, verification, or the entire expense reporting process. This strategic move is not just about efficiency gains but also about positioning these corporate expense platforms as integral components of an organization's operational backbone. The adoption of automation will result in increased platform efficiency—from expense approval to payment—elevated user satisfaction, and improved competitiveness in the market. 


The secret weapon? Automated auto insurance verification 

One game-changing element in this evolution is the integration of automated auto insurance verification into the expense reporting workflow, simplifying the reimbursement process. For expense platforms that need to verify employee spending for reimbursement, auto insurance for example, embedding insurance verification into the user workflow is a strategic differentiator that enhances the overall user experience. organizations can experience a swift, accurate, and secure expense reporting process, while users enjoy a seamless process for submitting their expenses for reimbursement, setting a new standard for efficiency.


Overcome the challenges of manual verification

Expense platforms are well aware of the challenges associated with the traditional manual process of verifying auto insurance. Delays, errors, and compliance issues are common pitfalls that can deter users from fully embracing expense platforms. Automation addresses these challenges head-on, offering a solution that aligns with the fast-paced demands of modern businesses.


Elevate the user experience for employers & their employees

Automated auto insurance verification is not just about solving problems; it's about enhancing the user experience. It offers:

  • Easier employee experience: Integrate verification via API within a reimbursement or login flow to instantly gather and verify the auto insurance for employees. 
  • Re-verification of auto Insurance: Using scheduled, automated API queries and notifications, periodically and regularly check the status of employees' insurance coverage and payment. 
  • Fraud mitigation and reduced risk: Every verification is backed by primary source data from insurance accounts

For expense platforms, this translates into tangible benefits – from time savings for both users and finance teams to a drastic reduction in errors, contributing to a more agile and responsive organizational environment. The user-centric focus becomes a powerful selling point in the competitive landscape of expense platforms.


How automated auto insurance verification works

Expense platforms can leverage APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) via software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, like MeasureOne, to streamline the process of capturing auto insurance data from employees using consumer-permissioned data. It’s simple:


  1. The expense platform requests the auto insurance data via your current receipt collection or expense records workflow
  2. When employees login to the expense platform, they are prompted to connect to their online insurance account to provide access to the requested data 
  3. APIs retrieve the requested source data directly from the online insurance account 
  4. With MeasureOne, If, for whatever reason, the employee cannot connect to their insurance account, they can upload a document to be processed with 100% accuracy. The document is parsed for the required data and shared with the expense platform.
  5. The verified auto insurance data is seamlessly integrated into the employee's expense records within the platform.


Your partner for automated auto insurance verification: MeasureOne

MeasureOne’s platform presents instant auto insurance data access and verification in limited steps from within any digital channel. That’s automation, faster decision-making, and better results for your business’s needs.

When you partner with MeasureOne, you also gain:

  • Marketing-leading coverage/conversion: 95% coverage of auto insurance carriers. Plus leading coverage in other industries.
  • Lowest costs in the space: MeasureOne’s platform gathers data by API rather than manpower to verify documentation and connect to third parties and comes at a lower cost than leading competitors.
  • Better technology and scalability: Technical ability to deliver a one-stop-shop for consumer data for your current and future needs, including insurance verification, and more.
  • 100% accurate document processing: Your trusted fallback solution to the credentialed solution, supporting all types of documents. That’s proprietary, automated, deterministic document and image processing with 100% accuracy.

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