Consumer-permissioned data at your fingertips, on your time: MeasureOne launches an end-to-end self-service dashboard

CPD any time, any way

Say “hello” to CPD your way. From signup to reporting, the MeasureOne platform is now completely self-serve, enabling you and your team to request, access, and review consumer-permissioned data for your business needs

MeasureOne’s new self-service dashboard gives you the ability to test out CPD for your business consumer data needs. Plus, the dashboard allows access to send, receive, and review unlimited data requests per user, including (but not limited to) VOIE, academic history, and insurance policies. Get ready for ultimate flexibility and scalability.


Self-service, at your service

Using MeasureOne's self-serve dashboard, businesses now have the ability to instantly access and verify consumer insurance, income, employment, and academic data within their workflows at their own pace and at scale. In addition to guaranteeing the most up-to-date accuracy with real-time data access, using consumer-permissioned data eliminates processing delays, reduces human error, and improves efficiency.

The self-service dashboard is available to any business with three monthly packages: basic, plus, and enterprise.  Each tier includes: 

  • A 30-day free trial
  • Unlimited data requests per user (this means you can send a user a variety of data requests all for the same low cost)
  • Data collected for any supported data domains – insurance, income, employment, education, and more
  • Formatted reports
  • Automated document processing
  • Third party integrations with Tazworks and Accio Data

For CRAs, lenders, insurance agents, and more, MeasureOne’s new self-service dashboard provides data request customization, fresh-data, and 3rd party integrations at a low-cost, without disruption to your current workflow.


Get more with MeasureOne

The launch of a self-service dashboard is just the beginning of taking advantage of consumer-permissioned data and solutions from MeasureOne. As we continue to expand into new sectors and countries to drive growth and scalability for consumer-focused businesses, our extensive platform has you in mind. 

Use MeasureOne and the new self-service dashboard to drive your business forward seamlessly with consumer-permissioned comprehensive data solutions.