Introducing MeasureOne’s New API: Unlock the Power of Academic Data

I am excited to introduce you to MeasureOne, where I was recently named CEO, and share with you some of my personal excitement around what we are building at the company.  

Our mission at MeasureOne is to assist students and recently graduated students in their first steps into adulthood by unlocking the value of their own academic data.    These “emerging consumers” are starting their way in the workforce but of course have little to no work, credit or other meaningful commercial history. The result is that these individuals are regularly undervalued when looking to receive services and products from financial, insurance, employment, or educational institutions.   

The common thread in the consistent undervaluing of this population is lack of data or lack of activity that would provide insights in our data-driven age.    And yet, these emerging consumers — 30 million in the US alone — have in fact achieved quite a bit. 70% have a college degree. 21% have advanced degrees, and almost all have generated some form of academic data.   This data could, and should benefit these consumers as they engage in activities such as get their first apartment, apply for a job, refinance their student loan, or apply for auto insurance.

The problem is that academic data is inaccessible, inconsistent, and largely unusable by the outside world.    The lack of common formats and standards, as well as the inherent variability between educational institutions, combined with the legitimate mismatch between the requirements of internal and external application developers, have raised huge barriers to innovation.   The bottom line result is that young people are not able to benefit from their academic achievements at a time when they could most use that help.

Until now. 

We at MeasureOne have built the world’s first developer-centric API for academic data, enabling application developers to integrate academic data into their applications.   The API provides all the necessary building blocks for developers to enable their users to benefit from their academic achievements: access, extraction, normalization, and predictive analytics.   Together, our API enables you, the developer, to focus on how best to serve your customers, while letting us deal with the complexity of grading systems, credit units, term definitions, course names, and all the messiness that makes up this complex data set.

Consider what personal finance was 25 years ago, when consumers couldn’t provide their banking data to the external world.    It’s a world with no Paypal, no Venmo, no Mint, no Apple Pay, and no personal finance sites. It’s a world where ultimately consumers pay more because the data they generate is inaccessible to innovators who drive efficiency and competition.    

The current state of academic data mirrors the world of personal finance without the past two plus decades of innovation and our mission is to make sure we do not wait another day to unlock that data. Learn more about MeasureOne's Education Verification Platform. Harnessing the power of Consumer-Permissioned Data, we are providing modern, instant verification for educational data & many more data domains.