3 simple steps for gig worker auto insurance verification

More likely than not, you’ve worked with, hired, or have been a customer of gig workers within the last 5 years. Many Americans have had personal experiences with the gig economy by way of delivery (78.8%) and ride-share (38%) apps, all of which are powered by gig-work. With the rise of companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Instacart, individuals now have access to flexible employment opportunities and those employers have access to an assortment of qualified gig workers. 

But in order to safeguard both gig workers and the companies that employ them for a variety of tasks that typically involve driving their personal vehicles, there is a new need for robust auto insurance verification and re-verification processes. Luckily, for the employers who hire gig-workers, verifying and re-verifying auto insurance just got easier with the right partner.


Why do gig workers need auto insurance?

The simple answer is: risk management. Gig workers, specifically ride share and delivery drivers, enjoy the flexibility to set their own schedules and perform a variety of work, but they are typically driving their personal cars while transporting goods and people for the gig company, opening up the employer to significant risk in the event of an accident, theft, or more. 

Driving  jobs involve a high degree of risk due to the constant exposure to road accidents and potential injuries. When these incidents happen while on the clock for the gig employer, the need for proper auto insurance coverage becomes paramount. Proper auto insurance coverage not only protects gig workers from personal financial liabilities in case of accidents but also shields the companies that employ them from potential legal and financial repercussions.

Companies that hire gig workers without conducting thorough auto insurance verification risk substantial legal and financial consequences. Without verifying insurance coverage, these companies may be held liable for damages in the event of an accident, leading to costly lawsuits and damage to their reputation. But, with automated insurance verification (and re-verification), employers and companies can now stay on top of their gig-workers auto insurance to remain compliant and risk-free. 

Auto insurance verification for gig workers in 3 steps


1. Request auto insurance data from your gig-worker

Whether you’re onboarding a new gig worker or re-verifying your current workers’ auto insurance, the first step is to understand which information you need to verify. The next step is to simply request it from your gig worker. With MeasureOne, you get real-time access to employee insurance accounts and policy information.

This request can be facilitated directly as a part of your onboarding flow or wherever you need it with MeasureOne’s various integration options for gig economy companies.


2. Gig-worker connects instantly to their online insurance account

Once the gig worker has received the request to verify their auto insurance information, they simply log into their online insurance portal to provide you access to the requested policy data. This technology leverages gig worker insurance data directly from the primary source, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the time-consuming processes of manual verification and the risk of misrepresentation or fraudulent information.  

MeasureOne also offers advanced document processing, which ensures workers who may not have online insurance accounts can still seamlessly upload their insurance policy for verification.


3. MeasureOne automatically incorporates the real-time insurance data into your flow

Whether your gig worker connected to their online insurance account or uploaded the auto insurance policy for their vehicle, the required insurance data is captured and transmitted back to your business instantly, enabling a completely seamless onboarding or re-verification experience for the gig worker. You can integrate the MeasureOne insurance verification flow natively into your app using our API or you can send a request to your gig workers to complete the process separately.

By using real-time data to assess risk, gig economy companies and employers can verify their employees’ auto insurance coverage, improve their onboarding processes, and maintain risk-free operations.


The many benefits of MeasureOne’s automated auto insurance verification for gig workers

Using MeasureOne’s 3-step approach to verifying auto insurance can single-handedly improve your business’s operations and expenses, onboarding experience, and compliance assurance. 

The burden on and cost of operations teams is significantly reduced, with no more need to manually review insurance documents, freeing up time and resources for more strategic tasks. New driver hires can quickly and easily submit their insurance information, reducing delays in getting them on the road and also ensures that companies have a qualified and insured workforce at their disposal.

Use MeasureOne to: 

  • Streamline the verification process and mitigate fraud: By using real-time data for instant data collection, there is no need to manually pull coverage policies and scour paper (or even .PDF) documentation for the right information. This also protects your business from fraudulent insurance data and documentation.
  • Monitor insurance using recurring data requests: Because anyone can easily change their auto insurance coverage on a frequent basis, re-verification enables your business to monitor insurance coverage on a custom schedule—MeasureOne makes recurring data requests easy so businesses can stay up-to-date with gig workers' insurance coverage. 
  • Reduce admin costs: When you combine streamlined processes and instant accurate data, using MeasureOne to verify auto insurance ultimately helps businesses to reduce administrative costs. 

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