2022 reflections on the opportunities of consumer-permissioned data

A message from MeasureOne CEO, Elan Amir


It has been quite a year. As I look back at 2022, it seems like consumer-permissioned data (CPD) finally moved beyond internal industry discussions and into the broader market. 

 Where previously we had to explain CPD, why it was important, and what it could do for businesses, now CPD is increasingly being viewed as a key element of future consumer data strategies. The feeling of momentum is unmistakable.  

In addition to growing market acceptance, 2022 was also a great year for us on the product front. We demonstrated the power of our platform by adding consumer-permissioned insurance data. Customer momentum continued through significant partnerships with FirstAdvantage in the background screening space and MeridianLink in the Credit Union lending space. Our coverage now spans an industry-best 11,000 data sources and we continue to add new data sources across all our data domains daily. Finally, we launched our brand-new customer dashboard that allows customers to initiate CPD data requests across all our domains and services directly from their browser.

As I look forward to 2023, I could not be more excited. Our entry into insurance generated tremendous interest in our products and what CPD can do for that trillion dollar industry. We are currently working on significant partnerships across all of our data domains. We are continuing to expand our coverage, expand into new data domains, and expand CPD use cases with partners in a variety of new industries. I look forward to sharing more about all of these activities in the New Year.   

For those of you who have been part of early-stage companies, you know that the journey is a roller coaster. I always say—it’s not for everyone! But for those of us who love it, moments like these are what we all work toward—moments when all of the hard work and evangelizing starts to bear fruit in the market. We're just getting started, but the future for CPD and MeasureOne has never looked brighter.  

Happy Holidays!

— Elan