What Academic Data Can Do for Your Business

Expand Products and Services to Consumers

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Use Cases

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Lenders/Financial Institutions

Leverage academic data for credit decisioning + Improve and expand underwriting services

MeritScore, our proprietary FCRA-approved score, establishes a predictive link between academic achievement and credit performance – giving lenders confidence that academic data can signal business-changing outcomes. Using academic data, student lenders, Income Share Agreement (“ISA”) providers, and other financial institutions can expand their portfolio by identifying low-risk declines to swap in, and high-risk current approvals that can be swapped out.

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Academic Institutions

Admissions and Financial Aid Optimization

Academic institutions are inundated with academic data. While many institutions use systems to assist with internal data management, using data from other institutions presents a challenge. It takes significant labor and time to process transcripts, often resulting in the loss of a transfer student to another institution. Stuck with an cumbersome processing approach and inconsistent transcript formats, administrators struggle to make quick and informed decisions. Institutions can be use their resources more effectively by using standardized academic data through the MeasureOne platform: from identifying at-risk students with financial aid or tutoring needs, to onboarding transfer students efficiently and with greater confidence in their academic persistence.

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Residential Real Estate

Expand Tenant Qualifications

For residential landlords, the credit history of prospective tenants is a critical element in the application process. With insufficient credit and limited work history, younger consumers are at a significant disadvantage, constraining the pool of potential tenants, and exposing landlords to unnecessary risk. MeasureOne’s platform gives landlords the ability to quickly and easily qualify prospective tenants, expanding opportunities and accelerating occupancy.

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Verify Student Enrollment

Marketers provide student discount programs with a goal of getting young consumers to use their products and services, plus create brand affinity early in their purchasing lives. MeasureOne’s platform can easily verify if a student is currently enrolled, as well as provide predictive analytics on expected graduation. This capability allows marketers to limit fraud on their student programs, while also providing access to information that can be used to upsell other products and services.

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Verify Student Enrollment + Improve and expand policy underwriting opportunities

Through MeasureOne's real-time, consumer-permissioned data platform, auto insurance providers with "good student" discount programs can easily verify a student's grades. Academic performance, a rich data set that reliably signals future behaviors, is also a vital tool in addressing the gap in this consumer's financial background. Insurers use academic data obtained through the MeasureOne’s platform to derive insights into the potential risks and rewards of consumers, enabling them to increase underwriting effectiveness, and design new products and services specifically for this audience.

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Verify Education

MeasureOne's platform gives recruiters, employers, and background check providers the ability to directly verify a prospective new hire's education and academic credentials. Our platform gives background check investigators a cost-effective way to verify education in real-time. Our platform gives employers and businesses a single source of standardized data from across institutions, including full transcript information made up of degree(s) completed, courses taken, and grades received. These factors provide valuable insights for additional employment analytical purposes, helping HR professionals develop strategies for recent graduates, from hiring to career pathing.

Case Studies

Companies like yours have discovered the value of academic data in their operations, from the development of new products and services, to increasing the effectiveness of their investments.

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Creating a New Product by Swapping-in High Academic Achievers

Using MeasureOne’s platform, a student lender diversifies their portfolio while maintaining their current tolerance for risk.

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