Consumer-Permissioned Data Explained.

What is Consumer-Permissioned Data?

Consumer-permissioned data is a method of data collection where the consumer is in control of the entire process. Data is collected from a consumer’s online credentialed account with their direct permission.

CPD is customer-centric. The customer experience is an integral part of the transaction. The consumer’s permission defines both the scope and limits of access and use of the shared data, creating the foundation for a trusting and transparent customer relationship.

CPD is vastly superior to other methods of data acquisition. It is real-time, up to date, and direct from the primary data source. This means data you can trust, which leads to better business decisions and consumer outcomes.

Finally, CPD creates an explicit permission-based relationship with the consumer that is built on trust and transparency. This provides a unique opportunity to engage with the consumer in a way that builds loyalty and strengthens the customer relationship. In sum, CPD can be used to drive business outcomes such as increased customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.


What Data is Available?


Payroll Data

Instantly get accurate income and employment data. Verify employment dates, salary history and more.



Verify automobile or property insurance coverage for faster loan processing.



Verify enrollment, transcripts and degree information for screening, discount programs and more.



MeasureOne offers a fully customizable, highly scalable, patent pending system with over 7,000+ data sources across multiple data types.

Advantages of Consumer-Permissioned Data

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Unmatched data coverage across the globe for employment, income, insurance, and more

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The industry’s fastest processing speeds

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A lower cost alternative to traditional data warehouses

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Continuous Access

Recurring or one-time data access

Leverage real-time, consumer-permissioned data to accelerate and grow your business.

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Consumer Permissioned Data & You

At MeasureOne, we are committed to protecting your data. Our platform protects your privacy by requiring you to confirm and give consent to the data you share. We will never share access to more sensitive or unnecessary data.

Our product is designed with a consumer-first approach. We focus on transparency, security, privacy, and ease of use to make your experience as simple as possible. Learn more about your safety with our product & how it works.

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“MeasureOne has changed the game for degree verifications. Their consumer-permissioned data platform provides our clients’ applicants a user friendly experience; expediting the verification, and delivering accurate results.”
Marc Linchuck, COO Global Investigative Services