Case Study


Creating a New Product by Swapping-in High Academic Achievers

“MeasureOne has increased our loan originations, while still being financially sound, and is ultimately helping more families.”

Joe Wood

CEO, President at INvestEd


INvestEd was searching for means to help more families that need loans. Their traditional lending practices focused on students with credit-worthy co-signers, limiting their ability to assist students and families. Their objective: expand lending to a broader universe of students – without increasing portfolio risk.


The Academic Data Solution

INvestEd uses the MeasureOne API to extract and standardize transcripts, enabling them to incorporate academic data as a means to assess credit risk. MeritScore, a part of MeasureOne’s predictive analytics suite, helps them weight an applicant’s future payment risk and validate lending decisions.



Since onboarding academic data, INvestEd has successfully created an entirely new portfolio category, increasing loan originations by more than 6%.

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