How a credit union enhanced their VOIE processes and improved turn-around-times

A case study on Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU)

Using MeasureOne has allowed us to accurately verify income for our members in a shorter time-frame than ever before.Plus, the MeasureOne team is so helpful and always enthusiastic when we provide feedback.


Christopher Snipes Consumer Loans Manager, APCU

Improving internal processes and combatting fraud by implementing technology


About APCU

APCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union committed to helping hardworking people save money and prosper. For over 90 years, APCU has been providing their clients an inclusive financial platform driven by consumer need and not rates.

Their goal

APCU aimed to improve their internal income and employment verification processes while also combatting loan applicant fraud. 

The time-saving solution

APCU uses the MeasureOne's CPD platform to verify their clients' income and employment information faster than they ever were before. Leaning on MeasureOne's platform to automate VOIE drives faster decision-making for APCU, shortening loan processing turn-around-times. Plus, because MeasureOne pulls income and employment data driven directly from a verified payroll account, the requested data for APCU's clients cannot be misrepresented in any way.

The final results

Since onboarding MeasureOne for its employment and income verification needs, APCU has improved loan processing times and made better financial decisions for their clients.


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