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What You'll learn:

  • Uninsured drivers by the numbers and where we see the highest number of drivers 
  • How uninsured drivers impact businesses and why it matters
  • How to easily take advantage of automation for instant access to auto insurance data


Discover how automation mitigates the risk of uninsured drivers for your business

The regional disparities of uninsured drivers

Who is impacted by uninsured drivers

Why and how to optimize your business using automation

Table of Contents


Section 1: Examining the landscape of uninsured drivers


Section 2: The relationship between the gig economy and auto insurance


Section 3: Automated auto insurance verification for mitigating uninsured driver risk


Section 4: Recommendations and conclusions

Markets that can benefit from this industry report

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Gig Economy companies

Learn how to streamline employee onboarding and verify gig worker auto insurance and set up one-time or recurring verifications.

Rental Car companies

Discover how to drive operational efficiency, reduce risk, and improve your CX with automated access to insurance data.
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Auto Dealers

Learn how to accelerate approvals, simplify the car buying process, and improve customer experience with automated access to auto insurance data.
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Auto lenders

Read how to maximize conversions, accelerate approvals, and streamline your underwriting with automated access to auto insurance data
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Insurance Carriers

Read about how to automatically collect decs pages from prospects in seconds, verify auto insurance coverage, and enhance underwriting

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