MeasureOne Dashboard: Sending an insurance declarations page request

The MeasureOne dashboard simplifies the process of sending and managing your insurance declarations and policy requests.

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(0:00) Hi, today I'd like to walk you through a demo of sending a request for an insurance declarations page with the MeasureOne dashboard. MeasureOne is the leading consumer permission data platform that spans multiple domains, including Insurance, education, employment, income, voice, and more. We are domain-agnostic, which means we're able to bring new data domains to Market rapidly with our partners. Let's go ahead and get started.

(0:28) Upon login to your MeasureOne dashboard, you will land here on the home page, and you will find all of your previous data requests sent with their corresponding status, typically completed, active, in progress, or failed. And then you will also find get started guides, FAQs, and the most recent MeasureOne blogs, all to support you in using the dashboard and discovering all that CPD or consumer permission data can unlock for your business.

(0:58) So, when you're ready to send a data request, you can go here to this quick link on the home page: create a data request, or you can go to your left-hand nav, data requests, new data requests. Now, you have the option to find a user that you may have already sent a request to in the past, or you can add a new user. We're going to go ahead and add a new user and put your user's details here. Phone number is optional, and user ID is how you might be tracking users in your system, also optional, and you're going to want to make sure initiate a new data request is checked. Go ahead and click next.

(1:46) Now you're going to select the type of data request from the drop-down. These are all of the various data requests you can send a user. We're going to send an auto insurance policy request. Here you have the option to input the insurance carrier or provider that you are requesting, and you can edit the expiration date. The default in the system is set to three days, so if that looks good, go ahead and click next.

(2:12) Now you'll see the requesting party, typically your agency or your business, or if you are requesting on behalf of a third party, you can enter those details here. Click next.

(2:25) Now you have the option to send your user email and text - email only, text only, or none of the above, and you can send your own custom communication with a link to your user to complete the request. I'm going to select send email only, and here I can preview the email that will be sent. I will note that MeasureOne has optimized the emails to ensure maximum conversion from your users. Once everything looks good, click create data request.

(2:59) Now your user will receive the email that we just previewed and be taken through an optimized flow to complete the request for the auto insurance policy with MeasureOne. And when they have completed the request, you will receive an email notifying you, and you can also log into your dashboard, and you can find your user here with their corresponding status. You can also go to users, all users, and find the user whose details you'd like to review. I'm going to go here because I can see the status, so I want to show you what a completed data request from the user would look like. So I'm going to go to this one because it has the nice completed icon. Click on the user, you'll see that an auto insurance request was sent and completed, and if you go here to documents, you'll find the associated documents that were shared. Click on insurance policy, and we'll just wait a second for that to load.

(4:06) And here you will see a full PDF of the
Declarations page and the policy. And so that's it, that completes the data
request and how to manage it in the
dashboard. If you are interested in
seeing the user experience for
completing the insurance data request or
to view the process for other data
domain or data request types check out Thank you for

What is Consumer-Permissioned Data? 

Consumer-permissioned data puts the consumer at the center of each and every data transaction. Businesses obtain explicit permission from the consumer to access and use their personal data directly from their primary data source, typically consumer credentialed accounts.

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MeasureOne is a pioneer in data and analytics, transforming the way consumers can access and share their data with lenders. As the first consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service on the market, MeasureOne has the ability to share actionable data in real time and we are looking forward to offering this service to our lenders.

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MeasureOne has changed the game for degree verifications. Their consumer-permissioned data platform provides our clients’ applicants a user friendly experience; expediting the verification, and delivering accurate results.


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