Applicant Experience: VOIE Data Request via Bank Transaction History

Discover how easy it is for users to connect to their bank accounts for MeasureOne to verify income and employment against transaction history

Discover income and employment (VOIE) verification

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0:00 Hello today I'd like to walk you through a demo of the applicant experience when completing a VOIE or verification of income and employment request using bank transaction history with measure one.

0:14 Measure one is the leading platform for smarter consumer data access and verification across a range of data domains including insurance, income, employment, education, tax data and more.

0:31 Let's get started. The applicant will receive an email or text message with a link to complete the data request and when they click on that link they are taken to this screen to initiate the process.

0:44 Here it is explaining who is requesting your data and now the applicant can click. Let's get started. This screen explains measure one's role in the data sharing process and reiterates that we do not sell personal information.

1:00 And only share the data to which the applicant can sense. Click continue. Measure one can complete the verification via a variety of methods including by connecting to the applicant's payroll or earnings account.

1:16 Their bank account to verify income against transaction history. history. Or by processing relevant documents such as pay stubs with 100% accuracy and fraud protection.

1:29 For today's demo I'm gonna show you the connect bank account method. So I'm gonna go ahead and click. Here the applicant is informed that measure one uses plaid to connect to their account. 1:46 Click continue. Now the applicant can search for their banking institution. So I'm going to go ahead and input mine. 

2:01 And it came right up. Once selected, the applicant is prompted to input their online banking credentials. So I will fill those in and click submit. 2:20 admit. If the correct credentials have been entered the applicants accounts at that bank are populated. With the last four digits of the account number for the applicant to confirm that this indeed is correct.

2:36 Once those are populated they can click continue. Success. The bank account connection has been made and that completes the applicant experience for completing a VOIE request via bank transaction history.

2:56 Once they click continue there is simply another confirmation screen. to let them know that it has been done. Thank you for your time. 

What is Consumer-Permissioned Data? 

Consumer-permissioned data puts the consumer at the center of each and every data transaction. Businesses obtain explicit permission from the consumer to access and use their personal data directly from their primary data source, typically consumer credentialed accounts.

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MeasureOne is a pioneer in data and analytics, transforming the way consumers can access and share their data with lenders. As the first consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service on the market, MeasureOne has the ability to share actionable data in real time and we are looking forward to offering this service to our lenders.

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MeasureOne has changed the game for degree verifications. Their consumer-permissioned data platform provides our clients’ applicants a user friendly experience; expediting the verification, and delivering accurate results.


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