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(0:00) Hi, today I'd like to walk you through the applicant experience when completing an employment data request with measure one. MeasureOne is the proprietary and completely separate low-cost alternative to the Work Number. I'll also mention that this experience is the same for the applicant whether the order was placed with measure one via Tazworks, Accio or using our self-service customer dashboard, all of which we can support.

(0:24) The experience begins with an optimized email to the applicant with a call to action to complete the employment data request. When they click on that call to action, they are taken to a screen that looks just like this, explaining the role measure one plays in the process and ensuring the applicant that their data is safe and secure. Click continue.

(0:45) This screen explains how measure one completes the data request by connecting to your payroll or earnings account. Click continue.

(0:54) Now the applicant can search for their employer, and we've mapped over 100,000 employers to their payroll processors, and we have over 5,000 payroll systems spanning Fortune 500s, gig economy employers, and traditional cloud payroll providers such as ADP, which means measure one has nearly the entire market covered. So, to show you how the mapping to a payroll provider works, I'm going to search for Uber, and as you can see, we have identified different employee categories. Each of which is mapped to a different payroll system. So, if I click on "I am a driver," it's going to take me directly to the Uber driver portal, which is different from what a full-time employee or a contract employee would be taken to.

(1:43) Now, in the event that I can't remember my credentials, I can just click here on "trouble logging in," and this will give me the option to reset my password. MeasureOne will direct the applicant straight to the account recovery page with their payroll provider, making the process as simple and streamlined as possible. So, now I'm going to go back and search for my employer, measure one, which came up and has been automatically mapped to TriNet because that is our payroll system. So, now I'm going to input my credentials and click connect, and it's as simple as that. Now my account has been successfully connected.

(2:31) So, once the user completes the data request, as the business user, you will be able to access their employment details with a summary report that I will show you here. I'm going to click on "view report," and so here, you'll have all of the applicant's employment data that you requested, and I'll add that this will populate directly into Tazworks or Accio if those are integrations that you are using.

(3:02) So, for additional demos with MeasureOne, please visit Hope this was helpful. Thank you for watching.

What is Consumer-Permissioned Data? 

Consumer-permissioned data puts the consumer at the center of each and every data transaction. Businesses obtain explicit permission from the consumer to access and use their personal data directly from their primary data source, typically consumer credentialed accounts.

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MeasureOne is a pioneer in data and analytics, transforming the way consumers can access and share their data with lenders. As the first consumer-permissioned data platform-as-a-service on the market, MeasureOne has the ability to share actionable data in real time and we are looking forward to offering this service to our lenders.

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MeasureOne has changed the game for degree verifications. Their consumer-permissioned data platform provides our clients’ applicants a user friendly experience; expediting the verification, and delivering accurate results.


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