AAA Insurance Data Collection Platform

Collect the decs pages, instantly verify AAA coverage, and enhance your underwriting

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How do I collect a prospect's AAA insurance policy?

Are you looking for a faster and easier way to collect AAA insurance coverage data? With MeasureOne, you get instant access to the data you need. Save your business time and resources spent collecting insurance coverage data by integrating with MeasureOne.

Automate Your AAA Insurance Data Collection Process

Save time and money with secure data collection


A powerful platform

Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access any data that lives in consumers’ online insurance accounts for your business needs


Single, easy user experience

Verify insurance data and collect the decs page from your prospects with one consistent UX


Full Automation

Enhance your distribution and underwriting processes with access to any data that has associated credentials


Superior market coverage

We cover over 95% of insurance providers


Consumer privacy guarantee

All data consumer approved


Document Processing

Proprietary, automated, and determinisitic document processing with 100% accuracy

Top solutions for insurance providers

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Collect Dec Pages

Agents can instantly collect existing coverage details from prospects - allowing them to quote and grow their book with ease

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Pre-fill Digital Applications

Use our API to pull prospects' info and pre-fill your digital applications

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Instantly verify that your employers, partners, or prospects have the appropriate coverage in place

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Enhanced Underwriting

Any data that has associated credentials is now accessible to your underwriting team

How our Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform Works


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