ADP Employment & Income Verification

Verify income and employment data instantly for any individual paid through ADP.

How Do I Verify Income and Employment with ADP?

Does your business regularly need to verify income or employment status of people whose employers use ADP as their payroll service provider? Automate your verification process and avoid expensive alternatives by using MeasureOne.

Automate your verification process
Save time and money while improving accuracy.

With MeasureOne you get:

  • One-Stop Shop for verification:

    Integrate once with MeasureOne's API and access data for all verification needs

  • Single, easy applicant experience:

    Verify consumer data including income and employment with one consistent UX

  • full automation:

    Faster processing, and increased conversions means more approvals, reduced errors

  • superior market coverage:

    With over 2,000 supported payroll systems, 7,000 unique data sources, and a unique waterfall approach, MeasureOne provides the most complete solution on the market


    All data consumer approved

  • Alternative Data Credit Performance score:

    Establish a predictive link between academic achievement and credit performance with MeritScore, our proprietary FCRA-approved score. Expand your portfolio by identifying low-risk declines to swap in, and high-risk current approvals that can be swapped out


  • Current or prior salary
  • Gig worker income
  • Employer name
  • Employee’s job title
  • Hire and end dates


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