Product Innovation

We transform transcripts into standard, searchable and analyzable data

The Value of Academic Data

$100B opportunity

20M students enrolled each year

2B young adults globally

Represents 40% of all consumers

MeasureOne has created the world’s first platform to enable developers to seamlessly integrate academic data into their applications. How can academic data benefit your business? It has the power to unlock vast opportunities for innovation, as well as tap into college students and recent graduates: the next generation of consumers.

Academic transcripts are an invaluable credential for young consumers. Transformed into behavioral signals, academic achievements can predict future performance, financial and otherwise. Our platform gives businesses a way to leverage academic data to expand products and services for this audience.

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Get Solutions with Academic Data

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Standardize Data

Understand transcripts as useful, standardized academic data that unlocks the value of consumers

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Simplify Integration

Quickly and easily integrate academic data into your platform

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Fuel Insights

Get advanced analytics to derive insights and behavioral predictions that inform business decisions

Use Cases

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Transfer students
Reverse transfer
Graduate school admissions

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Integrate academic data into hiring workflow
People analytics

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Underwriting and risk assessment

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Enhanced customer segmentation and targeting

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Underwriting and risk assessment

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