Student Loan Securities Insight

Securities Insight delivers daily and quick access to the most detailed, comprehensive and accurate picture of the student loan Asset Based Securities (ABS) market.

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MeasureOne’s unparalleled database collects disparate market data on ABS transactions in a single place, standardizing and validating it, to enable aggregation and reporting at levels higher than individual deals.

student loan securitization

Our database covers every public student loan securitization, enabling you to

inside the securities insight database
Securities Insight

The most comprehensive and extensive resource for data on student loan securitizations

24,047Reports entered
$151.3 billion $37.9 billion
  • FFELP loans
  • Private loans

Our clients leverage our expertise for in-depth analysis on markets, issuers and deals, as well as to benchmark performance. Securities Insight is ideal for the identification of trading and investment opportunities, portfolio management, credit-risk modeling and product pricing.

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