School products and services
School Insight

Insightful analysis and real-time reporting that lends critical perspective on admissions, academic performance, loan trends and credit outcomes; each stand alone or in relation to the other

Risk Adjusted Metrics

Insights into student performance based on non-traditional risk factors and adjusted outcomes that enable comparisons on a level playing field

School Services

Analytics that empower Institutions with ability to predict or improve student progression, loan repayment and default rates

Our industry experience has empowered us to understand the challenges faced by both students and institutions. As the first to link academic, loan and credit data, we’ve consistently cut across silos to deliver a comprehensive picture.

Our products and services are based on our unique market expertise. We’ve analyzed over 1.2 million students and more than 4 million student loans across a wide range of large and small academic institutions.

Expertise. Experience.

Benefit from collated data, expert analysis and custom insight with our School Products and Services

  • Admissions
  • In-school Risk Assessment
  • Graduation Assessment
  • Student Loan Payback

By partnering with large and small academic institutions, we have unparalleled access to student data, from academic performance to student loan repayment trends and loan portfolio performance.