Private Student Loan Report

MeasureOne’s semi-annual Private Student Loan Report is the standalone resource for data and analytics on the private student loan market, including repayment and delinquency trends, as well as loan performance activity among borrowers and lenders. It cuts through the noise and the rhetoric to give data-driven performance reports and analysis that provide critical clarity in a challenging and often misrepresented sector. 

Key Performance and Portfolio Metrics Summary
% change
Reporting Quarter
2018 Q1
2017 Q1
2018 Q1
30-89 (% of Repay) 90 + (% of Repay) Ann. Charge-offs (% of Repay) Forbearance (% of Total)
2.75% 1.49% 1.77% 2.52%
2.51% 1.88% 2.20% 2.17%
+9.43% -20.63% -19.63% +16.01%
Grace (% of Total) Deferment (% of Total) Repayment (% of Total) Undergraduate (% of Total) Graduate (% of Total) Current Balance
2.31% 21.11% 74.06% 88.31% 11.69% $67.12 B
2.18% 20.08% 75.56% 86.78% 13.22% $64.87 B
+6.24% +5.08% -2.00% +1.77% -11.63% +3.46%

The report shows families continue to successfully manage private student loans by consistently demonstrating that credit-based underwriting and a high percentage of cosigners leads to positive trends in terms of repayment, delinquencies and charge-offs.  

key observations from the current report (q1 2018)
Summary: PSL Report - Q1 2018

The biannual report is a joint effort between MeasureOne and the largest lenders of school-certified private student loans to increase transparency in the market and encourage accurate, data-centric reporting.


MeasureOne has created the Private Student Loan Consortium, a data cooperative of the nation’s largest lenders and holders of private student loans, including members from the Education Finance Council.

Interested in participating in this initiative for increasing transparency in the Private Student Loan market? Contact us here.