Transcript Processing

Standardizing academic data so your business can put it to work


Academic data has been frustrating.

For companies looking to integrate academic data into decision-making, the process is daunting:

  • Inconsistent presentation formats
  • No standard academic record definitions
  • Data not designed for business applications
  • Inefficient and costly to integrate and use

State-of-the-art technology to extract and standardize transcript data.

MeasureOne makes it easy to integrate academic data into your business, without impacting your current operations or workflow. Our API accepts transcripts in any form – PDFs, scanned images, HTML pages, and digital formats – and standardizes them into a common format your application can put to work. Our proprietary process normalizes data across institutions, making it easy to ingest, compare, and evaluate academic data from any source.


Data Extraction & Standardization


Enables data submission from thousands of schools and institutions, in any form or format

Processes inconsistent transcript formats, and converts them into a standard, searchable and analyzable data set

Provides school-independent standard representation of academic data enabling comparable metrics for all students


Normalizing transcript data across institutions, so you can accurately compare academic performance



The MeasureOne Platform:

One API for Academic Data


We Standardize Data

Turning transcripts into useful, standardized information that unlocks the value of emerging consumers


We Fuel Insights

Using advanced analytics to derive insights and behavioral predictions that inform business decisions


We Simplify Integration

Making academic data accessible to customer applications through developer-friendly APIs

Transcripts can transform your business.

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