Industry Sizing Survey

MeasureOne’s Industry Sizing Survey, conducted in association with the Federal Reserve Board, is a semi-annual survey of lenders, loan holders and associations, and is instrumental in better estimating the size and growth of the private student loan market over the last decade.

Federal Reserve Board's G.19 Consumer Credit Statistical Release
Flow of Funds

Data from the Survey is used by the Federal Reserve Board in its quarterly Flow of Funds Report

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G.19 Flow of Fund Report

Consumer Credit Outstanding
(in bilions of $)

As the key data source for regulators, policy makers as well as the industry, MeasureOne helps participants benefit from accurate market representation and intuitive analysis of market data that aids the right-sizing of this industry.
15Private Student Loan Report Participants
10Other Banks, Lenders and Holders of Student Loans
20Issuers of Student Loan Securities
5,800+Credit Unions and Local or Community Banks

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