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Experience enhanced transparency and data disclosure within the Private Student Loan Industrythrough the MeasureOne reporting package and interactive dashboards.

Private Student Loan Report

Get the most accurate picture of the private student loan market with this joint effort between MeasureOne and the largest lenders of school-certified private loans.

Originations Report

Experience efficient planning and responsible growth with MeasureOne’s quarterly report on market-share data for participants.

Industry Sizing Survey

Access the industry’s most relied upon source for data on the size and growth of the private student loan market, created by MeasureOne and the Federal Reserve Board.

Student Loan Securities Report

Get an unparalleled view of student loan performance from the most comprehensive and standardized report on the Student Loan Securitization Market.

MeasureOne is the leader in data driven insights and reporting for the student loan industry. Our reports and platforms, powered by decades of experience and unmatched expertise, take data from lender participants and provide aggregated, market level student loan performance and market share reports. Our deep understanding of data translates into meaningful value for investors, better outcomes for lenders and accurate and reliable metrics for the student lending community.
The U.S. Student
Loan Market

MeasureOne collaborates with private lenders, banking associations and regulatory bodies to bring data-driven transparency.

As of Q1 2016, 92.5% of the $1.36 trillion outstanding in student loans, are federal loans while private student loans make up the remaining 7.5%.

  • Direct loans
  • FFELP loans
  • Perkins loans
  • Private loans

Total student loan market:
$ 1,480 billion


Federal, Direct and Perkins data is from Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education and private data is from the MeasureOne Industry Sizing Survey. Outstanding loan balance as of September 30, 2017.

MeasureOne industry reports enable lenders, investors, educational institutions and other market participants to make empowered decisions, create clarity of vision and achieve responsible growth. We are the trusted resource for private student loan performance metrics for the student lending industry, multiple government agencies, higher education associations and the news media.

Market growth

The private student loan industry grew from $99.3 billion in Q3 2015 to $113.2 billion in Q3 2017, predominantly driven by the growth of the refinance market.

Market Size
(in billions of $)


PSL Participants: All lenders participating in the PSL report
Other Securitized Private Loans: MeasureOne Securities Insight
Other Private Lenders: MeasureOne Industry Sizing Survey

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